CrayBomber, 2 to 16 players bombing action

Hey there,

Happy to publish my first little game of #gamedev night since crayta’s launch !

2 to 9 players. Drop bombs, get items, trap other bombers ! And… HAVE FUN !

Link to play

Feel free to push comments bellow !


This is a ton of fun! The changing environments and map scaling are great features and I dig the bomb design. It would be nice to have a little bit of in-game instruction at the beginning as my first couple rounds I was a bit confused about the rules and controls :grin:.

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Hey thx for feedback.
I think it’s part of the fun to discover how to drop a bomb and existing items but it can be frustrating. I will think to add a little brief

I added a global top view when a player dies to see entire action
I work actually on scale up to 20 players as 9 players mode works actually pretty well.

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Lots of updates

  • New icons and new UI
  • Discovery mode to be less boring at one and only player
  • Up to 16 players
  • Large refactoring to improve perfs(events, opbject pooling)
  • New level style
  • Music linked to level styles
  • Trying orbit camera

Do not hesitate to give me feedback on uptade !

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