Crayta becomes unresponsive

Describe the bug:

If I use wrong data-bind on any div and would look at the resulting widget - Crayta process stops working and other players see me disconnected from editor. For example I accidentally made attribute like this data-bind-hoever=" hoveredOver({{model}}.id)" .

How do you cause this bug?

  • Use wrong data-bind in the widget
  • If not already - open object with this widget it in the world tree, click on object, make sure widget is visible
  • Crayta process becomes unresponsive, other players see your player leave editor

Which platform: PC / Stadia

Your Crayta username:

Game seen in (including “Editor for XYZ”):
How regularly do you see this? (E.g. 2/3 times - please try 3 times if possible):

Version number (found in Help tab in Settings):

Hi, str,

Thank you for your report.
I’ve entered a ticket for your issue and our team will investigate the issue further.

Hey there @str,

Just checking in, have you encountered this issue at all recently?

I did not, but I have not checked Crayta for awhile. When this ticket was created, issue reproduced quite easily and regularly

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Just got this again. It is still happening. Have to restart the whole thing on each mistake. Currently see it on Stadia

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Hey there @str ,

Sorry to hear this is re-occurring. Would it be possible to attach a Log the next time you are able to get it to occur. Just making sure it’s not a different issue.

I have updated the issue with what you provided. So we will keep an eye on this.

I am unable to get any logs from Stadia. It just stops responding completely and there is nothing to do other than kill the window.

And Crayta does not run on my PC anymore due to different issue (jenkins is angry, something like that - All games are crashing , except dx11 does not help anymore).

I have updated the issue with the comments above, hopefully our internal team can locate the issue. I have noted this issue and keep an eye on this. Hopefully to find a solution soon!