Crayta build a base // (MB) Military Base (modular fortress and buildings) //

Stadia/EGS Name: Vicentek

Package Name: (MB) Military Base (modular fortress and buildings)

Package Description: Everything you need to create a military environment map, modular elements to build a fortress and decorated buildings to create a world for your game in a few clicks

Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions:

Install (MB) Military Base (modular fortress and buildings):
In your templates, you will find all the constructions separated by categories:

MB - Building -: decorative and functional independent buildings

MB - Modular-: Modules that you can use to build a fortification, they all fit and are decorated, both the decorations and the lighting are grouped and separated to be able to easily eliminate elements if you are only interested in a part of them

MB - Terrain - Desert: A terrain set in the desert to start your world.

_MB - Example - Fortification : demonstration constructions with modular elements

You just have to drag and drop your templates in your world and in a few clicks you can have your map finished

-If you use a lot of elements and the performance of your game is affected, I recommend turning off the lighting shadows and trying to reduce the decorative elements.

-Most modular buildings fit perfectly if you use a grid size 4