Crayta crashes if i launch my editor

Describe the bug:
Game crashes when launching my creation.

How do you cause this bug?

  1. start edit mode of CraySU!

Screenshots / video of bug:
It’s just a crash, see logs.

Which platform: PC

Your Crayta username:

Game seen in: Editor for CraySU!

How regularly do you see this? always

Hello Ya_shi_shi,

We were unable to locate the logs in our system.

In order to better assist you,
recreating the issue and making sure to tick “Include log files with submission” so that we can investigate more thoroughly for you.

I shall follow this issue personally and make sure that the issue gets submitted right away.

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Hi Ya-shi-shi!

I feel I should start by saying congratulations… because this bug definitely wins the prize for being the longest time I’ve spent so far fixing one crash!

It looks as though this crash occurred because a new version of Midi was published that removed all of the assets that used to belong to it. Then later on, a new version of MidiV3 was published that contained some of these assets that used to belong to Midi. I think this is the first time anyone has ever removed an asset from one package and then added it to a new package like this! And it turns out the game didn’t handle this correctly.

I’ve fixed the cause of this crash now, this fix will be released at a later date. Until then you’ll need to just try and avoid doing that again!

I’ve fixed your CraySU! game so you should be able to load back into it now. To fix this I had to revert Midi back to the version it was at before you removed all the assets from it. This is just a temporary fix which is needed while this game is using the version of MidiV3 that it is, because this version of MidiV3 requires that this old version of Midi be present too. This won’t be an issue in future when my code fix is rolled out.


Thanks a lot, i totally forgot about checking the send logs part and my description wasn’t that helpful either i think.

I thought it was related to deleting the content of one of the packages linked to V3, but wasn’t sure because i often do this and usually don’t have any issues (i hate it if i fork/redo packages and end up with a packageception of old and new versions of scripts).

I fixed V3 by searching an old game that had the MidiV3 and Midi packages in a previous state installed. There I updated the installed version (which didn’t lead into a crash) and then updated the package (and didn’t lose any updates).

Thank you for fixing the bug itself, i often use that feature and rely on it a lot :pray:

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