Crayta Creators' Programme Town Hall - Notes

Notes on the Town Hall

Each thing starts with a question from a discord member, and the bullet points are answers or points made in response.

Q- Can I use a company name for the official contract?

  • Yes. That’s fine.

Q- How much can I help with others if I am within the Ignition programme?

  • We want to encourage collaboration, people on the ignition programme are partially accepted due to the amount they help others with collaboration, and packages.

Q- Can you pause your time in Ignition?

  • Yeah, I think we’d be able to find a way.

Q- Now Unit 2 has more say in the Prize Fund does that change the tax fund??

  • Spark, no. Ignition will coz of the contracted monthly income

Q- Do we have to re-apply for the programme?

  • We shall let you know as we know there are more creators than spaces we have.

Q- How do we monitor content/contribution for those in ignition?

  • Won’t be monitoring something like time spent in Crayta, you can spend time using external stuff if it’s aim is to come to Crayta

  • We will look at everything you are doing, consistently keeping in contact to help you and see what it is you’re making and doing.

  • We want to take the shackles off, and want you to create whatever you want

Q- How does community involvement play a role in this? For example those who are helping a lot, but may not want to be as active in Discord!

  • That’s absolutely fine, community and involvement is one vector of this we look at, we appreciate all other types of ways to involve yourself.

  • We’re excited to see what it is that you want to make, and there is no wrong way to make things, and so if you feel like spending 4 months, or working together with a large number of people, go for it! Do what you want to do.

  • We appreciate there’s so much more to the community than just the discord, and other ways to be involved; such as forum, in-game, other discords, working with people 1:1

Q- Can you give us an idea of what a check in would be, and the frequency.

  • We can’t massively give an idea atm as we’re still working this out. But there’ll be a ‘thing’ every week, is the idea. Whether this thing is a round table, or meeting, 1:1, sharing. We believe any less than that we’ll fall out of touch, any more is overbearing.

  • We’d like it to be enough, and it works both ways, that it’s not just us hearing from you on how you’re doing, as it’s exciting, but the other way we want to be able to support you, and make sure you’re getting the help you need.

  • There’ll be channels on Discord for these programmes for you to share and show.

  • We’d also love to have things like the dev team screen-share things with you to see what will happen - we can’t promise this but this is something we’d love to do

Q- Reason it was asked was because of time zones, so worried about how it will play out in terms of organising that.

  • We’ve got people like Shrath who can help and be there for that to start.
  • AJ - In my head, there’s like two different time slots for these to happen, and that can be a conversation for us to find the best time to suit everyone involved. It could be in the future we get an in-flux of creators from entirely different time-zones such as Australia, and we’ll find a way to accommodate this.

Q- So if any two people work on games together, but only one was on the ignition programme, then if it was posted by the one who wasn’t, it would be eligible for Spark. Hypothetical, you could alternate one as Ignition to show we’re making, and then the other as Spark, so we could make money on both, so could exploit. There’s a potential to make more money in Spark than in ignition

  • Need to remember that Spark isn’t guaranteed. Ignition is. So it’s your choice to create or be part of which programme, if that is an option for you.

Q- Are there repercussions for this behaviour?

  • One thing we will say to begin with, is that if you are winning spark continuously, this means you are on a path to go in ignition, where the money is guaranteed. Yes the possibility of more money with the gold award on Spark, but there is no way you could know, and also you’d have to publish a game that month, whereas you wouldn’t need to on Ignition, and still earn the money for the long term work you’re doing.

  • To get to the crux of the question, by us pushing collaboration, people in Ignition to help people win Spark by collaborating. That could well happen, we’d have to look at that if and when it happens. We don’t want to discourage anyone helping others in the community. We just need to keep a close eye on exploitation.

  • Note that the Spark pot is an up to amount, it does not need to be the whole amount.

Q- Just to be clear, exploiting it is against the rules?

  • Yes. But collaboration is very much encouraged.

Q- The discussion that *** and I had, whether or not when we collaborate, how would it work going forward if one of us got accepted. We just want to know how that works.

  • We understand if you’re part of a team, we absolutely do not want to cause a split, we will work to make sure that can continue.
  • This will be a massive learning process, and it will work and evolve to see how it goes. We want your feedback as it is extremely valuable. We want to learn together. You’re a great community to help us iron out the creases.

Q- Do you have any more information about Lift-Off, do you know what the potential personnel size of Lift-Off compared to Ignition will be?

  • That’s still being discussed. We’re currently talking about a Pyramid, as in Spark at the base, then Ignition then Lift Off, so it’ll get less as it goes up, but we’re still ironing that out. Any more than that would be a speculation.

Q- Is the plan for that to be the final stage?

  • As we’re aware that is the top tier we’re gonna offer. However this is just one way we’re gonna award our creators. There’s other ways that the future could hold, like monetisation. There’s also jams and invitationals, with big ticket events.

Q- Is there any plans for Unit 2 to start hiring anybody from the Lift Off programme

  • Not currently no, that is not our expectation.

Q- Does work need to be public, or just public to unit 2 games (typed q)

  • The answer is no it does not need to be public, it can be that you’re working on a game for 4 months, and the only people you’re sharing the work with is Unit 2. You don’t need to be publicly sharing all your work. We’d love to support big reveals such as this.

Q- Will the payment be PayPal or straight into your bank.

  • We’re not sure yet. We assume spark will be PayPal but we’ll let you know asap.