Crayta Experimental FAQ

What is Crayta Experimental?

Crayta Experimental is an in-development build that allows you to play around with features before they go live to the public.

When will Crayta Experimental be available?

Crayta Experimental will be available for a limited time only. It is available from Wednesday 12th May 2021 to Monday 17th May 2021.

Will my games or packages be on there, and what happens if I update them in Experimental?

Crayta Experimental is a direct copy down from the live game. Any changes you make will not be copied back up and therefore be lost with the next update.

What should I be testing?

While Crayta Experimental won’t have any new content, you can test out your games along with our bug fixes, performance updates, and other changes. It will give you the chance to test your game with the patch applied.

How do I report bugs?

We have created a new area on the forum where you can submit bugs:

Will Crayta Experimental be available on Stadia?

Crayta Experimental will only be available to Epic Games users.

What languages does Crayta Experimental Support?

All new text around Crayta Experimental is English-only, but where we are using text from the full game we have left the localised words in.

Are all of my games copied across to Experimental?

By default we copy any game that has been edited in the last 35 days, and check for updates every 4 hours. If you want an older game to be copied to Experimental simply edit it on normal Crayta, and it will appear within 4 hours. Note: Once you start editing a game on Experimental it will no longer receive updates from the normal main game build.

Where are my items?

You can only use default/entitlement items on Crayta Experimental. Battle Pass or in-store items won’t be available.

I would like to give feedback!

We have created a channel called #Experimental on our Discord server where you can tell us what you think about Crayta Experimental as well as talk to other members of the community.