Crayta Party (Alpha release)

@Daigorō and I are pleased to announce we have released our Alpha version of Crayta Party. It is a Mario Party inspired game with a board game tied to minigames. Currently, we have 7 minigames available but we will be releasing more very soon. We plan to tie in leveling rewards, leaderboards, and more for future updates. The objective of the board game is to win 3 squares that are consecutively positioned on the board (think monopoly). As this is in alpha status, please let us know in the discord of any bugs you may encounter so we can get those fixed up or here! We hope you enjoy it, thank you!

(please bear with us as we implement and work out the instructions for each minigame, most should be fairly quick to figure out hopefully!)

Any feedback is appreciated in the looking-for-feedback channel or in the comments below as well.


I selected the game, and then I see this display:
I’m interested in making a board game that can be played through Crayta, so I wanted to try out your game.


it was an old game so we had unpublished it due to not supporting the updates BUT I think it’s a blueprint so you may be able to make a game from it to look at it.