Crayta Public Roadmap! 🎉

Hi all!

Very excited to be able to share this roadmap with you!

It details what we’re currently working on, and which bits are going to come in with the next release (along with some sneaky screenshots of work in progress :wink: ).

In addition, we’ve pulled across the top requested features from the Feature Requests board so this serves as a visual overview of bits we’re discussing (which may or may not happen), bits we’re working on, and bits we’ve delivered (although the eagle-eyed among you might note the most recent patch isn’t on here, because it was only a couple of small bug fixes so nothing particularly interesting to deserve its own column!).



Wow this is nice and smart to share with your community

Ooh, SciFi colonies. Now that could be fun.

You should check out Deathrun Colony 47, by @WesLee, it’s the Scifi colony before it became a feature :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: