Crayta Radio

Crayta Radio

What is crayta radio?

Crayta radio is a package that is easy to install and allows players to seamlessly select radio stations in real time.

What do you mean by “Real Time”?

The radios are synced on the server start but play on the client, this allows you and your friends to listen to different radio stations but if hear that buzz track, you can simply tell your friend to change station and listen together, ITS A REAL TIME RADIO.

Why is this different than other music packages?

Crayta radio has a simple to use UI, showing which tracks are playing on which station, with a simple hotkey to prompt users to open it, its a simple as click or touch (On FBG Mobile)

Here is a quick tutorial below on how to set it up, add stations, remove stations, change track times, add station images

Install from the community tab
Search for “Crayta Radio” in the community tab an hit install

Add the following scripts to the user Template
If you look in the templates tab, you will find “User-Radio”, you can drag this onto the user template on the right.

**Adding new stations and Changing tracks **
Add the “Radio-Stations” template to the world, and you can access the properties here!

To add stations, you can drag and drop from the sounds tab onto the soundAssets property… Note if you add a track, you will need to add a “Duration” and “Name” which can also be found in the properties, also available is “Shuffle” and “Duration between tracks”

Using the Radio
Simply press the hotkey to bring up the UI, and select which station you wish to listen to, each one filled with different tracks whether its a chill tycoon or a speed run, there is a station for you.

Whats next?

Nothing… go into preview hit that prompt (R on keyboard… R for Radio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and listen to some cool radio stations


  • We have left it in the generic crayta UI state to allow creator to customise it themselves to match the
    UI the are making

  • Synced stations between players

  • We have added a “Mute” button also if you just want a bit of silence

  • Can see “Now Playing” on every station, and these change in real time

Any question feel free to leave a message below

Here is a short video for setting up your very own Crayta Radio

Crayta Radio Set up

Now sit back and enjoy and look forward to seeing this used in many crayta games



  • Added requested feature; added “ChangeStationForAll” function to the radioChangeScript, when triggered, this will change the station for all users to the index set in the script properties.
  • Added new “RadioChangeScript” with 3 functions that can be placed on world entities and allow the creator to control the radio of users.
    Function 1 - ChangeStation(player)
    This will allow you to force change the station of users via interact/trigger events
    Function 2 - ShowWidget(player)
    Allows you to show the widget to the user via interact/trigger events
    Function 3 - HideWidget(player)
    Allows you to hide the widget to the user via interact/trigger events

  • Fixed a problem with double clicking allowing 2 or more stations to play at once

  • Updated some durations with placeholder times to prevent the stations from breaking

  • Added a brief cooldown on interacting with the widget to prevent any further issues with spam clicking.