Crayta Theatre - Build a Base Package

Stadia/EGS Name: Turbotortoise7
Contributors: Funnyneck
Package Name: Crayta Theatre
Package Description: This package contains the entire interactable theatre, details below.
Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions
Drag and drop, contains all the scripts and meshes seen in the showcase. Package name is Crayta Theatre.

We’ve tried to avoid spoilers in the screenshots below so that you can discover the secrets for yourself…


Do you have a discord username, couldn’t find @Turbotortoise7 in Crayta discord. I’m considering adding the theatre to Crayland, but modify it some and run scripted plays in there. Would you be ok with that?

Sure! If you’re doing crediting it’s both me (Turbotortoise7) and Funnyneck who worked on it. We’re probs gonna come back to it in the future, this was two days of work. I’m NotAlexRobins on the Discord :slight_smile:

Let me know when you’re done - I’d be interested to see your scripted play. Our initial plan was to do the same as I work in theatre, but not sure we’ll have time til after Christmas. Thanks!

It’s in, thank you again! Added you and Funnyneck to the credits help page of Crayland also.

I hope you’re fine with the modifications I applied!