Crayta's MiniGolf


This is a game that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time… Minigolf games have always made us feel a special attraction because they are ‘mini’, like a toy… :grin:

First thing to say: the game could not have been made without the selfless collaboration of Vicentek who has designed all the tracks and environments :cowboy_hat_face:, has tested tirelessly, and has contributed experience and knowledge.

About the game
The game itself is simple: You choose a type of game (solo or tournament), a world (for now there is only the Wild West, it will be expanded) and play!

The goal is to get the ball in the least number of hits.
When you put the ball in, the game gives you a score, which depends on the number of strokes and the time used.
At the top right you can find the Pair of the track. If you make it one stroke less than Par, the game gives you a star and an extra score… the fewer strokes, the more stars!

To open a new track, you need at least one star on the previous one.

The game has integrated challenges, Crayta XP, and leaderboards. Try to get over yourself!


Track scene

Score screen

World level selection

Ball in the hole!


  • There are some known bugs to fix as soon as possible:

    1. The timer end event sometimes doesnt reset the track

    2. The aiming aid system sometimes doesnt work

  • Expand the game creating a new world… Please tell how would you like the new tracks to be! Send a drawing, a video, a template! Getting involved is appreciated! :heart_eyes:

  • Tournament: The new frontier of the game… I have prepared the game for the very, very near future to be able to play it in tournament mode!

Come, play and enjoy :alien:
We really want to get feedback about the game to improve it!!


v.1.2.7 Small update

  • Fixed: Bug with starting save user data table
  • Added: Key to abort track
  • Added: OnHole sound and Hit Ball sound
  • Added: Click and Hover sounds at UI menus
  • Added: Scheme key binded controls
  • Added: Debounce time for ‘Exit Track’ button
  • Added: Several UI messages to notify waits

v1.2.13 Small Update

  • Fixed: View camera switch, now works in the correct order, Player > BallCam > Zenital > Player…
  • Modified: Increased a 25% the maximun power to hit the ball
  • Modified: Kill trigger from test track 6 has been enlarge to avoid endless fall to the ball
  • Modified: Par, Birdie and Eagle for track 6

v1.15 Update

  • Modified: New version of the aim system. More stable. Works only when ball is stopped. If changed view is deactivated

  • Fixed: Power Bar fixed and modified. The bar only will increase its value 3 times to prevent errors

  • Modified: HUD re designed. Now you can find hits information to get number of stars

  • Added: New World: Work In Progress. Now You can switch between two worlds

  • Added: Now a Stop sign in HUD will show you when you can hit the ball

v1.15.9 Walking to Tournament

  • Added: Access to Pirate World (world 2)
  • Added: Track 1 and Track 2 of second world
  • Added: Leaderboards for those new tracks
  • Added: Now you can see the number of hits needed to achieve 1, 2 or 3 starts on HUD
  • Added: Now you can see a STOP sign to warn you when you can hit / or not the ball. The STOP sign will appear when ball is moving
  • Added: Now World 2 holes have a nice pirate flag to point the site
  • Added: Now some tracks have shortcuts in the paths! Search and discover them…
  • Added: Some ‘score bonus points’ in certain or unique parts of the track. They will be added to your final score when ball is in the hole. You just have to go through those areas to get them
  • Modified: New version of the aim system. More stable
  • Modified: Power Hit Bar, now only can be increased 3 times. Fixed bug
  • Modified: HUD visuals, improved graphics
  • Modified: Several changes on track designs, now they are more playable
  • Modified: Score system, now is more stable and scalable
  • Fixed: Now you wont hear any more two ambient musics in 6th track
  • Fixed: Added ‘solid’ ground under sea area in world 2 tracks
  • Fixed: some lines of code to prepare for Tournament mode

v1.18 Walking to Tournament

  • Added: Signs in Track 1 from World 1 to notice players about ‘switching view’ and ‘toggle visual help’
  • Added: Xtra scores areas in World 2, Track 3
  • Added: Data ‘hits’ for par/eagle/birdie
  • Fixed: Now Track 3 (World 2) put ball in green when the ball crosses the wall
  • Fixed: Now XP from ‘Open all holes from a World’ works
  • Modified: Some visuals in Track 3 (World 2)

v1.19 Walking to Tournament (Worm Mountain)

  • Added: World2 Track4 Test avaliable (Worm Mountain)
  • Modified: World2Track3 Velocity dump cannon area moved to match with ground and be easier aim the ball
  • Modified: World2Track3 some meshes to be easier move the ball

v.1.22 New Track

  • Added: New Track with new interactable: Destroying Barrels (they will launch you proportionally with the force that you have arrived)
  • Fixed: Most of the ‘ghost’ jumps due to crayta voxels-sphere problems (tracks reworked)
  • Some other minor bugs