Critter Catchers (DryCereal) - MegaJam Entry

Welcome to Drycera. For a millenia, monsters and men have co-existed. The most peaceful continent on the planet, until The Gang took control. They mis-use the most powerful monsters to oppress the citizens for their own gain. It is now up to you to regain control of your home.

A creature capturing adventure. Explore the lands of Drycera and discover the hidden creatures within them. Along with your sidekick, Smolbat, you’ll fight your way town to town defeating the gang attempting to control them.

The creatures of Drycera tend to stay out of direct sunlight. If you’re going to try to tame any, you’re going to have to seek them in the high grass.

Stay safe, adventurer.

  • 55 monsters to collect
  • 53 Attack Moves to learn
  • 18 types
  • 3 towns
  • 4 routes