Cursor enabled widgets losing mouse focus

Describe the bug:

Cursor enabled widgets (Crayta shop package, etc.) are affected by a bug where if you open the widget and press anything other than a mouse button such as a key on your keyboard, the widget will lose all mouse focus until the player double mouse clicks on the widget. This seems to have started in a recent update sometime afterward the Simplicity Jam.

This negatively affects mousemove, mouseenter, :hover.

How do you cause this bug?

  • Preview a game with a cursor enabled widget that is using mousemove, mouseenter, or :hover
  • Open the cursor enabled widget in game
  • Press a keyboard key, or anything other than a mouse button
  • The widget loses focus

Which platform: PC

Game seen in (including “Hub” or “Editor for XYZ”): Any and all games with cursor enabled widgets, or in editor with a cursor enabled widget

How regularly do you see this?: Every time

Time + date seen: Most recently confirmed as of August 2nd, 2022

Version number: 0.g2.53.127708

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Hi @Slaying,

I’m trying to reproduce the issue our side. Can I possibly get a specific game name that this happens in and a description of a set of repro steps for that game? I’ve tried this in Zoo Simulator by opening the shop and am finding that WASD are locked for movement with the shop screen open, but I can still select inventory slots. However, doing so does not seem to negatively affect use of the shop and it still responds to controls, so I suspect this may need a particular type of cursor enabled widget.


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Hey @QA_NFraser ,

My apologies! I should edit to say that this effects any and all cursor enabled widgets that are specifically using mousemove, mouseenter, and :hover

An example game could be UPL!NK: Cosmic Explorers where I am using a cursor enabled widget and :hover

  • Interact with the Store on the right hand side of the spawn area - Vending machine

  • Hover over the right hand side of the sell button

  • There should be a white outline to the sell button as it is being hovered over, but the widget does not have mouse focus, therefore :hover isn’t working

  • Click anywhere else on the widget - This will regain mouse focus - and then hover over the right hand side of the sell button again

  • The widget has regained mouse focus and :hover works correctly

  • Now press any key on the keyboard and move your mouse off of the sell button. The widget has lost mouse focus from pressing a key, and the button remains with a white outline from :hover even though the button is not being hovered on

Here is another example from Daigoro where he is using mousemove and the NPC’s head is focusing on his cursor. As he presses a keyboard button around 0:16, the widget loses mouse focus and the NPC is no longer able to move it’s head according to the location of the cursor. After he clicks on the widget again around 0:20, it regains mouse focus and the NPC starts to follow the cursor again.

Hi @Slaying,

That’s perfect, thank you for the detailed explanation, I’ll write up a report. I really enjoyed playing Upl!nk recently, it’s a great game.