CVS Basic Quests

How to setup CVS Basic Mission Quest Package:

  1. Search, for example quest keyword, the package name is ‘CVS Basic Mission Quest’ >> Install

  2. Go to UserQuest user template and Cut questHandler folder and paste it under Default User template

  3. Add as many CVS_questData scripts in questHandler as you need for your game
    You can add as many as you want

  4. Setup the properties of those scripts to fit into your needs. Is includded too a event that will be triggered when quest will be completed:

    • Quests type ‘Go to a place’ (you will have to refer the place in properties)
    • Quests type ‘Interact with an object’ (object reference is needed)
    • Quest type ‘Pick X items’ (you will have to write a name for that unique type of object)
  5. Places to be reached, objects to be interacted and items to pick, must have one of the following components inside to be able to work with the system:

    • CVS_quest_placeToReach
    • CVS_quest_placeToInteract
    • CVS_quest_pickObject

locators with the components

composition of a coin pickable

setup the scene

log extra information

Take a look at the README file :wink:

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