CVS Fly - Walking Dude

Welcome to CVS_flyDude Template


This template is born from the need to use flying skills in a specific game…
As Crayta does not contain its own API for flying, I have tried to develop my own
with some level of movement composition, and switching between fly and walk…
This is the result, I appreciate the feedback and the project is constantly evolving.
Do not hesitate to contact me!


  • a README file!: Please spend a minute taking a look :wink:

  • TEST START locator: Cointains a script to trigger the spawn the object which
    actually moves and sends a request to hook the player template to this object

  • CVS_movingHook: This template include the reference to both player templates:
    (CVS_playerTemplate_Fly and CVS_playerTemplate_3D) to the handler to be able
    to spawn the correct template ( you can switch between fly and walk pressing a key (V default)

  • CVS_playerTemplate_Fly: Flying player template… The reason why i set the player as
    not visible is because , crayta , when player is not on the ground a ‘falling’ animation
    is triggered, and can be annoying.

  • CVS_playerTemplate_3D: This is the normal walking template. As the flying template
    include the [CVS_playerFly] script (to be able to switch fly<–>walk)


  • There are many ways to setup the package, but I think the easiest way is:
    1. DragAndDrop the [CVS_TEST_START] template to world
    - This automatically, when a player logs in , spawn the walking/3D player template
    - This allow to player/user press the default ‘V’ key to switch between fly/walk

- You can experiment or ask me about any question
- The fly composite movement is complicated, so I tried to setup a basic movement
in the face camera player direction , but with some lateral movements.
- The ‘Sprint’ action is also included, you can modify the multiplier in scripts
- If you want to spawn a player directly in the flying mode, set to ‘disable’ the
[startingModeWalking] property in CVS TEST START > CVS_Main_TEST
- Added extra log info in all scripts to debug pourposes (can be disabled in script properties)


  • Improve composite movements
  • Add UI interface
  • …:CoVrAWorkS:…: 2022 :…for Crayta …

  • Discord Server Indie Dev (UE4, GameMaker, C++, Blender, …)
    covrita's server Indie GameDev

Si quires este README en [espanich], avisame , y te lo traduzco :wink:

Hi, this looks really interesting. Would you be able to hook this onto the spectate on death? I’d like have it so the players can fly around after they die to watch the action.

Well, I suppose it would be nothing more than adding an intermediate state (player-spectator) after the resurrection of the player so that he could fly, but not play… If you want we can see it and adapt it :wink:

That would be amazing, please let me know if that would be a possibility :+1::+1::+1: