CYBER AVATARS- Living City Build Jam (Joachim)

Author (EGS): Joachim Samaké
Package Name: Cyber Avatars (Joachim)
Package Description: CYBER AVATARS for an exploration of a peaceful city in the metaverse :tv: or a dangerous zone for the characters. :fire:

Use Case1 for this Package: why risk the lives of our soldiers when we can use a drone, a cyborg in a dangerous area (terrorist camp, radioactive area) :robot:

Use Case2 for this Package: often people living in difficult, poor, run-down, or war-torn areas need to live a better life in a metaverse city. :cityscape:

How to Use:
Search this package: Cyber Avatars (Joachim) in the community tab, download it,
then just drag and drop onto your scene.

Tutorial video of the installation:

Showcase Link: On Mars with CYBER AVATARS.

YT Videos:

Package Credits:

  1. Remix Space Settlement by U2G only for the showcase.
  2. Simple SkyBox by Iceland only for the showcase.
  3. Simple Sign by AdamO only for the showcase.

Love the use of effects in the showcase vids. Great work.

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