Cyberpunk Desert Living City

Cyberpunk Desert Living City

Created by AminMyth and Kupher

A futuristic city in a desert, inspired by Tatooine planet in Star Wars movies. But here plants can only grow inside special machines.
Includes 8 different buildings with special properties and props.
And 3 showcase templates for kitbashed props that are used.

How To Install

  • Go to community tab and search Cyberpunk Desert Living City and install the package.
  • Go back to Library - Packages and drop down the installed package, it will be the last one in the list.

How To Use

  • Scroll down and find the template that you want from the assets list.
  • Important templates that you would use:
    • BuildingsPropsShowcase
    • HugeBuilding
    • RectangleBuilding
    • RoundTallBuilding
    • SquareBuilding
    • SquareBuildingLarge
    • SquareBuildingSmall
    • ConnectedBuildings
    • RoundBuilding
    • CityPropsShowcase
    • CyberPlantsShowcase
  • Drag and Drop the template that you have selected into your game
  • Use the buildings in any ways and numbers that you want to make your own city
  • Use the tree showcase and props templates to make your own houses or streets and design your city


  • A lot of new kitbashed props that you can use to design
  • Animated props including windmills and fans
  • Animated gates with sounds and automatic opening
  • Animated machines with plants
  • Animated 2 latches gate

Showcase game:

Huge Building

Square Building

Square Building Small

Connected Buildings

Used Mighty Animations package

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So cool - can see the Star Wars inspiration!

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