Cybotanica Taxi Service Package (Living City Build Jam - August 2022)

Cybotanica Taxi Service Package (Living City Build Jam - August 2022
By JakeMatthews96

Please search for ‘Cybotanica Taxi Service’ by JakeMatthews96 in the Community Tab within Crayta.


  • This package provides your game with a futuristic taxi service.
  • Players can hail a taxi to pick them up.
  • Players can approach a taxi and select a destination with the provided ‘TaxiApp’.
  • Once the player has selected a destination, a taxi will take the player to their destination.
  • The ‘TaxiManager’ handles player pick up requests, ensuring only one taxi travels to pick a player up.
  • You can have multiple taxis running in your world but currently it’s only one player to a taxi.
  • Complete with futuristic, levitating taxi, with steam effects and audio.
  • A ‘hail taxi player sound’ is played every time a player hails a taxi.
  • Contains a taxi app for players to select their destination.

Please find README file contained in the package.