Cybotanika Outfits NPC package

This is a package with some new NPC outfits for your games, inspired on Cybotanika season.

They are not functional NPCs, they do not attack or have AI, for this you will need another package (some very interesting ones will come out soon).

You can check it in the showcase: [Crayta]

To use it you have to:
-Install the package “Cybotanica Outfits Npc”
-Drag and drop from template the npc you want (they start with the name "Cybotanica - "
-And that’s it!

I don’t recommend adding or moving existing meshes, it’s complex (and very annoying) because it’s not a basic kitbash, some pieces are placed by code.

When you put an npc in the world, you will have to see it in preview mode to see correctly how it is, in the editor you will see some things that do not correspond to the final result.

There are currently 12 npcs.

Sunflower golem T1, T2 and T3:

Recycling golem T1, T2 and T3:

Glass golem T1, T2 and T3:

Bramble golem T1, T2 and T3:

Want more NPC outfits? Check this post too! I have another package with skeletons.


the blues guys are my favorites

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Cool! At first I was not convinced about it but I remade it a few times and the result is not bad :stuck_out_tongue: