Czinczar's Deadly Contraptions

Czinczar’s Deadly Contraptions v1.0

Here is a collection of customizable drag & drop traps. Use these deadly contraptions to turn your game into a dangerous and unforgiving place. Most of the traps are activated through a pressure plate on which inattentive players will walk. You can move and resize these pressure plates in order to fit the design of your game and make them a little less obvious.


Try the remixable showcase game to have a quick overview of all currently available traps:

How to use

  1. Install the package
  2. Drag&Drop a trap from your templates library to your game world
  3. Set the respawn locator in the trap’s properties panel, and other facultative options if you want.
  4. Enjoy a painful death!

You can expect much more traps in the future. Post here if you have requests, suggestions, or comments to make!


Hi, loving the package. Love how it’s all drag and drop. So easy to use.

One question though, when my player respawns they don’t seem to have the player inventory showing? Is there anything different I’d need to do for that?

Yes, you would need to set the correct player template in the properties, because the inventory view is actually attached to that player template. The one I provide is just the basic one so change it here:

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Perfect, that works great. Thank you.

also if you have suggestions for new traps, don’t hesitate since I am going to do more this month. But this time I think I am going to move away from “pressure plate” traps and do more “always active traps”.

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Thank you, I have a few suggestions. Varun has loads of good ones in his. I’d like a version of this where it’s just the one cage that traps you and people can shoot you but you can’t escape for a limited amount of time:

Also I’d like a simple one where a trigger is activated that fires arrows across a gap. You have the pikes stabbing the player but not shooting across the stage.

Can you make a change on the TNT trap for me please? I think it would be good if it destroyed voxels within the radius of the explosion like it would in real life.

Thank you.