Daily Collection System


In this package you’ll find all the logic needed for a daily collection system in your games. This means that players can join your game and will have a configurable number of items to find in your game. These collectables are given a random location that is specific to that day.

Installing the package

  1. Search in the community tab for Daily Collection System
  2. Drag the UserDailyCollection script folder onto the user template
  3. Drag the DailyCollectionManager template into the world tree
  4. Return to the User template and set the dailyCollectionEntity property to be the instance of the DailyCollectionManager you created in step 3
  5. On the DailyCollectionManager set the number of collectables to be 3 (for testing)
  6. Drag several DailyCollectionLocation templates into the world and position in an easy to find place
  7. IMPORTANT: Install the LocalHandler package and drag the script folder onto the User template
  8. Preview and test that you get 3 collectables appear and that they can be collected by a player

The main options that you’ll want to adjust are the properties on the DailyCollectablesScript which is attached to the DailyCollectionManager entity in your world.

  • collectablesPerDay = the number of collectables that players players will need to find (note you’ll need to ensure there are enough locations placed in the world to accommodate these
  • youOnCollectedMsg = the message that a player gets when collecting a collectable that isn’t the final one
  • youOnCollectedAllMsg = the message that a player gets when collecting the final collectable
  • otherOnCollectedMsg = the message that all other players get when a player collects the final collectable. The text by default contains the users username.

The collectable item that comes with the package is a gold ore, in the DailyCollectionItem template. You can change this to better suit your own game and style.

If you have any further questions or issues then let me know either here or on Discord (https://discord.gg/crayta)!



I would swap step 2 and 3 :slightly_smiling_face: