Daily Login Tracking System

Here is a package that will track consecutive days that a user logs into your game. This can then be used in any way that you like by hooking into an event that is called each time their daily login streak is increased. There are also a number of other properties that allow you to control how the login system works in your game.

Installing the package

  1. Go to the community tab in the editor and search for Daily Login Tracking System
  2. Click Install
  3. Drag the UserDailyLoginTrackingSystem script folder onto the User template

There are a number of properties that can be specified to determine the behaviour of the script including…

  • loadOnInit - tick if this script should trigger the OnLoad() function itself or untick if you’re handling elsewhere manually
  • useNotifications - tick if you have the Notifications package installed and want this to use that for displaying messages to the user
  • increaseStreakOnFirstLogin - this determines if the start of a new streak should start from 0 or 1
  • onStreakIncreased - an event that can be used to reward the user or hook into the custom logic. This event sends the user entity and the current streak for processing
  • onStreakBroken - an event that is called when the users breaks their streak (i.e. they didn’t log in on the previous day)

As always, any feedback/questions/issues should be dropped here or in the #looking-for-feedback channel on https://discord.gg/crayta


Nice package, I just tested it :slight_smile:

But if you log in multiple times on the same day, then you get the login reward every time, which makes no sense in my opinion.