Dead By Dawn - Game Release v1.01

Can you get out of the Nightmare? One Killer vs. Four Survivors (or are they). The Killer is invincible and must injure and then trap the survivors. The Survivors must work together to start up the generators and make it out of the Nightmare alive. (Early Release- Updates coming)

What are the Nightmare Shards for?

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I was thinking about doing this but you beat me to it. I’ll have to go check it out.

I haven’t been able to get a full group together to actually play but good job recreating the environment aesthetic with the light and fog and everything.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeh, to get a game going it is a bit difficult to wait. I’m going to do many updates but one will be to be able to have 1v1, 1v2 etc… And allow mid game joins… I also have multiple instances of the actual gameplay possible so once you’re out you can jump straight into another (if there’s another game mid flow etc…). Keep trying it out as I’ve already put out 3 updates to improve the gameplay already…

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Ps. I even have it randomly place the generators, cages (ie the hooks in the original) and outhouses (aka sheds). So no two run through a are ever the same… A new mechanic is Nightmare Shards. Either side can collect enough to end the nightmare early. These randomly appear and then after 30-60 seconds will randomly disappear too.

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