Deathrun: Colony 47

Just a classic deathrun map with all the traps you would see in the good ol’ days.

Aliens are attacking the mining colony, the Miners need to make it to the end to activate defenses! They have to be careful though - the Alien is able to set off traps on the path to the control room.

Now with 3 endings -
Laser Gauntlet;
This is a guaranteed win for the Miners, the Alien must try to survive for as long as they can while trapped inside a space ship that is spinning faster and faster!

Jump rope;
The surviving Miners go head to head against the Alien to see who has the faster reflexes! Last man standing wins.

The surviving Miners take the fight to the Alien, they board the Alien’s ship and fight it out with laser pistols.

Any feedback is welcome!


Nice work, WesLee!

I like all the different possible endings and that you can choose your own destiny, and one for your rival (if you’re playing as runner).
If only I were skilled enough to get to the end more easily :’-)

Are you planning to develop/create more content for it (new traps, maps, etc?)