Deathrun v1.0 (Now with Four Maps!)

Now with four maps!

One Trapper versus a team of Runners. The trapper deploys traps in an attempt to defeat the runners, but remember, traps are single use. If the runners make it to the end, they can get revenge on the trapper to win!

Teams are randomly assigned each round, with five rounds per map.

If you have a chance to play, let me know if you find any bugs and I’ll try to fix them!


By far my favorite game I’ve played so far. Interesting, the mechanics are fun. Plus the lobby is full of secrets.

Great job, can’t wait to see what you do next.

Thank you so much!

One of the lobby secrets is a portal to to the next Deathrun map I’m working on. If you find it, you can get a preview!

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Deathrun v0.8 is now live! It includes a brand new map and automatic map transitions!

Cool one ! Very neer some garry’s mods !
We definitly need to bring more players in crayta

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Agreed. I keep popping into different games at the top of the most popular list and most of the time they’re empty! It has only been out for a couple weeks though. Hopefully the player counts keep growing!

Yep !
It’s up to us to bring our friends here !
We had a deathrun session yesterday.
They loved how you design the lobby !

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Deathrun v0.9 is out now with a third map, Fantasy Deathrun!

Go on an adventure to a castle in the sky to steal the villainous Trapper’s treasure!

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Deathrun v1.0 is here! It finally includes a round counter, and a new map: Spookington. If you like a sort of creepy atmosphere and some simple jump scares, hopefully you’ll enjoy. This is the first map that contains Runner victory options. If anyone plays and has feedback, especially about balance and difficulty, please let me know!