Decoration Frames

Showcase: Decoration Frames (Showcase)

  • What is this package about?

This package contains 19 different types of decoration frames that can be used as you want. The main idea of this package is to decorate your games and worlds.

  • What Do I need to know before install the package?

All templates are ready to be dragged into the world, you don’t need to edit at all (except if you wanted to edit any color or size).

  • Who can use this package?

Everyone, as I said before every asset is prepared to drag and play, so it doesn’t matter your crayta level to create.

Note: If you need other kind of help you can contact me on Discord (Hisokan#0001)

📋 Templates 📋

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Looks amazing!

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Thank you iorek! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: