Different Player Tag Per Team

Different Player Tag Per Team

This was made for me by Discord member Wes, and then I had to get help from Discord member Slaying to get it all packaged up. All good now though.
Screenshot 2022-06-09 210043

This package is for team based games, when you are shuffled between a two teams, so one round you’re red team and the next round you’re blue. It can be annoying always checking what team you’re on and what colour team you have to be shooting. This package fixes that:

you can make sure that your team have badges that are always blue and the enemies always red. Everything is then more natural.

Another use case is on death run games, both teams are normally set apart by some distance. This way you can make Enemy name plates large enough to see from a distance and the friendly teams to be small so they don’t get in the way.

Set up, so this is nice and easy, drag the PlayerEnemyOverHeadFolder onto the Player Template and delete the OverHead Folder.

Then drag the UserFriendlyFolder onto the User.

Then on the User/Game Settings, set up the following

onRoundStart you need the userFriendly/UserFriendlyScript/UpdateTeams
onRoundEnd you need the userFriendly/UserFriendlyScript/ResetTeams

Thats it, give me a shout if you have any problems.