Disaster Simulator Update

Disaster Simulator Update

Huge first update to Disaster Simulator, mostly based on stuff I was working on and after all the feedback Friday advice. As always, any extra feedback is welcome.

Added extra levels - before there was just rising water, as well as that, there’s now day and night variations of the all the levels:
The floor is lava - You’ll get a message warning you that the floor will become lava shortly, get off the floor as quickly as possible

I was going to add an earthquake event but after testing it, it was causing huge performance issues. Because of this I’m not going to add it. The world was split into 4 parts in preparation for adding this. I’ve now merged them all together.

Expanding fog walls - The deadly fog walls start at the edge of the stage and slowly make the stage smaller and smaller. This forces players toward the middle so no hiding on this stage. It makes this stage like a traditional battle royale.

No disasters - This disaster free event lets you relax a little, a standard death match with no worries about disasters but of course the round will still be chaotic.

Added the Monorail train into the game, it’ll ragdoll the player when hit. When a part of the track is destroyed the train will stop and it won’t be able to ragdoll.

At the end of the round everyone’s screens will be looking at the last person standing with a nice message saying the winners name. Big thanks go to Cereal for setting this up for me.

Changed the whole loot crate system, now using SinJins Loot One package. The crates will now wobble when hit and will respawn midround. Also added a challenge and XP for collecting. More loot boxes now in the world.

Added a launch to hitting players with the axe, this feels more like you’re hitting the player and them not reacting. Also it’s a good way to knock players off the stage.

Added more planks between building roofs based on feedback, the planks can be destroyed but will respawn in a few seconds. This is to have a fun mechanic to send people plummeting to the ground when crossing.

Removed the flying plane from the game, feedback told me it wasn’t smooth so removed from the game and added a turret to the hot air balloon instead. The hot air balloon is slower and smoother than the plane was so a better fit.

Changed the turret package for @Joachim Samaké, by doing this only lets 1 player control a turret at a time. Also you can destroy the turrets and the consoles and they reset between rounds. It’s a really nice package (So was Varuns) Massive thanks go to both creators for filling my package request.

Removed non destroyable statue in park for Crayta symbol that can be destroyed/painted voxel by voxel.

Changed the sniper gun to be the laser sniper, I felt like that shots didn’t feel meaty enough but this change makes the gun feel more satisfying

Made UI smaller based on feedback

Added slow recovering health

Added round start and end sounds

Made just about everything in the game destructible

Removed hundreds of entities in the game that weren’t being used

Added change of environment effects when you enter the water, also added sounds to the water. (Thanks again to SinJin for helping with this)

Made the rule that you don’t get points after you’ve died, clearer. Added top tips in the help/loading pages and added text in the game to explain.

The names of NPC’s will show when killed, it used to show their name as ?. Thanks to Varun with his help with this.

Added world prompts for the items you can interact with, yet again thanks to SinJin for this.

Fixed the leaderboard for daily points.

Balanced the weapons.

Added extra challenges and XP events.

Removed stairs from largest building as it added confusion.

Loads of bug fixes