[Done] - Interact with meshes Script

I think a script would be useful to be able to interact with the objects in a simple way, I know that there are several simple scripts in the community that do it, but having one for the typical actions would be very convenient.
My idea is:

  • Play sound on / off (array with sounds)
  • Sound loop (selectable)
  • play FX on / off (array with fx)
  • FX loop (selectable)
  • Animation (text to copy the names of the animation)
  • animation loop (selectable)
  • animation delay (time)
  • pick up
  • use itself as a template (and the option to choose another template if not)
    -Interact Prompt (text for promt)
  • Interact Notification (text for notification)
  • Interact shout (text to shout)
  • shout time
  • run on user (selectable)

With these options you have practically all the basic actions and that when you are a newbie they cost so much to configure solved

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vice one script to rule them all, perhaps several smaller scripts ?

the other question for a new user/creator, how does one know about this/these package(s)?

well, when I started and wanted to be able to interact with an object, the first thing I looked for in the community packages was “interact”, which I see as beneficial that it has all the options, because it gives you an idea of ​​what you can do with an object, without having to do so much research … maybe having the option to give you ideas to use it

Can I ask what the purpose of:

The array for the sounds and FX ?
Why would you want the option to turn on/off the sounds/FX?

I assume that you want multiple items to be active on that object, would you want to switch things on and off on some sort of timeline?

no, I was really wrong … I wanted to say that it was a selectable list of sounds and Fx that are in the game

Okay, that makes sense. I have something that I am working on. Once it’s ready I will post it up.

Thank you so much! that will simplify my life a lot

I have added this, let me know what you think, it could be there are things that still need expanding on. It should also pull in the relevant Crayta scripts that already exist and work towards what your requirements were.

Interact With Meshes - Package Guides - Crayta