[Done] Invincibility collectable

I’d really like a collectable that shows in game after 60 seconds, that when collided with makes a player invincible and any player that they come in contact with becomes ragdolled via a trigger around the player. If possible I’d like 2D music to be applied when the player has this and a shining effect to be applied to the player. This also needs to be temporary. Think of collecting a star in a Mario game.

Not sure if this is possible but could this be set so only one team can collect it? So a game of hiders Vs seekers and only the hiders can collect so it gives them temporary invincibility and the seekers try to guard the access to it.

I looked at the main features of this request, it doesn’t support teams but maybe we can talk through that? you can find the package guide here :

Invincibility Pickup Package - Package Guides - Crayta

Hi Stuart, can we have a look through being able to add this so only one of the player templates can collect this item when you get the chance in the week please?

Sorry, how do you mean? Are you saying you made two different templates that are based off the player template?

Yes exactly, I have a hide and seek style game. I want the seekers to guard a temporary invincibility power up and for the hider to want to be able to collect it. It makes sense for only the hider player template to be able to collect it

I’ll have a look, but you may want both player templates to be unique rather than using the main player template.

So I have seperate player templates for Player_Lobby, Player_hunter, Player_hider. These are all seperate templates with seperate things like health assigned.

These give different camera views and different weapon weapon load outs and UI depending on what team you’ve been assigned.

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Hi Mark,

Looking at the original package, it doesn’t handle the pickup logic, but it imports the standard Crayta inventory package. You would do better editing that I think. I can always send you an updated script rather than making a new inventory package.

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Yeah please, that’d be great :+1:

Just in case anyone else who uses this wants to do the same, if you have the original pickupSpawnerScript you can do the following:

Add a new property:

	{ name = "playerTemplate", type = "template"},

In the Init add the following:

	if self.properties.playerTemplate then
		self.template = self.properties.playerTemplate

Finally, add this to the Pickup function:

	if self.template ~= nil then
		if self.template ~= player:GetTemplate() then
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