[Done] Invincibility collectable

I’d really like a collectable that shows in game after 60 seconds, that when collided with makes a player invincible and any player that they come in contact with becomes ragdolled via a trigger around the player. If possible I’d like 2D music to be applied when the player has this and a shining effect to be applied to the player. This also needs to be temporary. Think of collecting a star in a Mario game.

Not sure if this is possible but could this be set so only one team can collect it? So a game of hiders Vs seekers and only the hiders can collect so it gives them temporary invincibility and the seekers try to guard the access to it.

I looked at the main features of this request, it doesn’t support teams but maybe we can talk through that? you can find the package guide here :

Invincibility Pickup Package - Package Guides - Crayta