[Done] Team Score based on item drop

I know, weird title. Let me explain:

I’m working on my game School of Witchcraft (working title) and I want to have players assigned to 1 of the 4 teams.
Players play minigames and attend lessons. With these lessons, the players earn xp and the ingame currency. When they have enough of the currency, they can exchange this currency for a certain gem/valueable.

Here comes what I need from a package: I want the players to be able to put this gem/valuable in the teams chest, after which a point is awarded to that specific team. The Team with most points after a given time wins the housecup (and gets the mainhall in their colours for the next season)
I would want to put 2 leaderboards in the mainhall. 1: scores from all 4 teams and 2: Best performing gem/valuable collectors.
Is this something someone could make a package out of?

This should be possible through the use of global counters, another interesting one for sure :slight_smile:

I looked at the main features of this request, if you have any problems or tweaks you need then get in touch.

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Oh my. That looks just amazing. I will start working on testing that as soon as possible and let you know!