Door Animation

Game Example:

  1. Features
  • adjust the animation time of opening or closing doors
  • interact, onenter, and onexit configurable
  • onexit is based on one trigger on door
  • supports multiplayer in trigger for on enter/exit logic
  1. Install
  • use the template
  • manual:
    • add script to door
    • add trigger
    • add interact on door or trigger
    • add onenter and/or onexit
  1. Configure
  • open/close animations are required
  • opening/opening_slow/closing/closing_slow
    • need times
    • sound and effect assets optional
  1. Sample setups:
  • interact, onenter, onexit (closes when no one in trigger)

  • interact (player has to click to open and close)

  • interact, onenter

    • (opens automatically or on click, will not close until clicked on)
    • Sample game with ENTER
  • onenter, onexit

    • (opens automatically, closes when no one in trigger)
  • interact, onexit

    • (click to open, closes when no none in trigger)
    • Sample game with EXIT


2022-02-09 Initial Release

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