DryCereal - Crayta Cruiselines

DryCereal’s (DryCoast & Cereal) submission to the game jam. Crayta Cruiselines is a large cruise ship that has many activites. The cruise is both a social hangout space but also contains games. There are jumping obstacles, quick time reaction games, social events and hidden secrets. Each of these award you coins which you can use to buy lootboxes to unlock items for your stateroom. Collect all 20 items to complete your room.

Activities happen throughout the day - consult the agenda on the right side to see upcoming events. Use R to open a map to view the different levels of the ship and where activities are. You can also use this to find your friends as well.

Some things you should see are the firework show, the sushi making event and the pizza making event. Other than the agenda, there are many things you can do such as find and collect the hidden rubber ducks on the ship, complete the rock climbing obstacle course or take a ride on some of the attractions. A lot more to discover, enjoy!