DryCoast Rocket Replay Racer

TL;DR This is a package to visually race against yourself.

I have just finished my package to plug directly into any Time Trial template. It’s purpose is to record your previous run (from that session) and replay it back along side you during your next run. You can use this to pace against to see if you are ahead or behind your last run. Additionally, I have built a replay system into it so you can interact with the TV and watch your replay as it was done. The camera is dynamic and similiar to GTA style cinematic shots by repositioning the camera dynamically around your pacer.

There are 3 simple steps that need to be done for this to work after installing the package:

  1. Copy the User Rocket Replay to your user template (this is used to record your run)
  2. Copy the local handler to your User Template if you do not currently have it.
  3. Drop the “DropAnyWhereInWorld” locator somewhere in your world. This contains the camera, the rocket and the TV to watch the replay on. You can reposition the camera around the rocket for different angles for the replay if you want but it is not neccessary.

When you complete your first run and start a new run, you will immediately notice that the rocket is racing along side you. If you beat it, it will explode.

If you want to watch the replay, interact (E) with the TV and the replay cinematic will start for you to watch. Pressing the primary button will exit the replay.