"Dungeon Master - 2D Old School" | Build Jam

Project Name: "Dungeon Master - 2D Old School"

Authors: ThyrisFlare | Tumbak7

Showcase Link: Crayta

Blueprint: "Dungeon Master - 2D Old School"

Used packages

  • Mighty animations (by Mightykho)
  • Interactable doors (by Vicentek)
  • Simple Sign (by Adam)
  • Simple Image (by Adam)
  • This blueprint has been made using Adventure blueprint.


This blueprint is inspired by board games like Hero Quest and Dungeon Master old school games. With this you can make your 2D adventure in different ways, using voxel enviroment, mesh kitbashes or using UI tokens and decorations like enemies, action tokens, UI decorations or floors. Or you can use a mix of all!

Also there is a lot of rooms with different combinations and possibilities, 1, 2, 3 or 4 doorways, corridors, different sizes or stairs to make different leveling design. All will let you make a ultra customizable dungeon. All is hightly customizable by changing lightning or textures really easily.

We added a few basic mechanics for new creators, like doors with/without lever, configurable chests, respawning items, trapdoors, secret doors, damaging/killable elements, all ready to create your game with no problem.

Another utility of this blueprint is create a dungeon master adventure and play it via Discord or voice chat, the master only need to make the environment and the story, and invite his friends to it!

—Important: There is a problem with Orbit camera actually, when you test your game in F5 sometimes you won’t see well the 2D (top camera), but if you test it via F7, it works perfect.

What is inside

All is in template, organized using word categories:

Dungeon (More than 30 modular structures)

  • dungeon: All the rooms, corridors, stairs or parts of it. You can unlink and rename the voxelmesh to change easily the textures and make different rooms. Also if you change “_dungeon_genericlight” you can change with one clic all the lights inside the “dungeon” parts.

Deco (More than 30 elements)

  • light: Things to light your dungeons, like torches, windows, etc.
  • mesh: Decoration things in general. Tables, barricades, floor things, crates…
  • structure: Structural kitbashes and voxelmeshes. Entrances, archways, columns…

UI (More than 80)

  • decoration: Decoration elements in 2D. All is resizable!
  • enemy: Minions and bosses. Three different tiers (borders) for minions.
    6 kind of minions (Bandits, Undead, Goblins, Orcs, Mermen and Lizardmen).
    4 bosses (Dark elf, Lord Demon, Dark Wizard and Swamp monster).
  • player: Character tokens and character sheets, ready to fill with stats or what you want.
  • token: Death marks and action tokens (Attack, Block, Dash/Evade, Cast and Dice).

A few templates ready to put (openable doors, damaging/killing places, pickables, loot chest…).


  • Add more mesh decorations and UI decorations.
  • Create platforms to go up and down.
  • Add more rooms, like sewers, mines or caves, not squared rooms.

All the UI elements have been design by Thyris Flare during the build jam days. All will be free to use soon for all Crayta community.

Here some screenshots of the content:

Character Sheets and Player Tokens

Enemy Tokens

Some UI Decoration

Some Decoration Elements Kitbashing Mesh

Map with Modular Structures