Dungeon Themed Mini Golf

Not sure if this even worked. I tried submitting my creation on the itch.io page and it wouldn’t show me the project that I was submitting, even after I saved the project details. Technical computer issues… =/

The link to my submission is below, but Itch.io submitted an old project instead.
Dungeon Themed Mini Golf by IAmAbe

EGS Name: IAmAbe
Contributors: Only me
Package Name: Mini Golf Package
Package Description: Modular voxel meshes to create your own dungeon-themed mini golf course.
Share link: Crayta

In the example course, I am also using part of another package that I created for this project, which is the Realistic Voxel Blocks package.

Installation instructions
The assets can be dragged and dropped into the world, and any pieces that may need to be rotated have descriptions on the rotation within the name of the asset.