Dungeon Tiles & Map Generator - Dungeon Master Build Jam

Stadia/EGS Name: Wes#4974
Contributors: Pengy#6629, Vohumanov, Euboe#9563
Package Names:

  1. Grid Map Generator
  2. Dungeon Tiles Map Pack - Part 1
  3. Dungeon Tiles Map Pack - Part 2
  4. Dungeon Tiles Map Pack - Part 3

The packages includes 2 scripts and 7 tiles, the scripts allow you to dynamically build maps using templates.
TerrainScript - The main script should be placed in the world
TileScript - Goes onto each tile template and used to determine that tile’s properties

Pack 1:
Crypts - An end room crypt dungeon
Defence Bridge - A 4 way tile connected on all sides, this tile includes portals to reach a lower area
Dungeon Cells - An end room tile with 8 cells

Pack 2:
Ribcage Drop - A dangerous hallway tile connects on 2 sides
Treasury Defence - A hallway tile with a bridge and hall at the back, include portals to a top area
Wizard’s Study - End room tile for a wizard’s study

Pack 3:
Sovereign Inn - End room tavern with 4 floors to explore

Share link: Crayta - Create Games
Dungeon Tiles & Map Generator by Wes1991

Installation instructions
Dungeon Tiles:

  1. Install “Dungeon Tiles” packages
  2. Drag the templates into your game

Map Generator:

  1. Install “Grid Map Generator” package
  2. Drag the terrainGenerator template into the world

(If using included tiles)

  1. Place down your first tile to be used as the default first tile (tile5 is best for the starter)
  2. Ensure the first tile is set as the “Starting tile” on the Terrain Script

(If creating your own tiles)

  1. Create a voxelmesh
  2. Decorate the tile how you like
  3. Add the “tileScript” to the parent entity
  4. Add a Triggerbox to the parent and make the size match the size of the tile (add this triggerbox to the tileScript “triggerbox” property)
  5. Create a template from the tile
  6. Add the template into the side arrays on other tiles (Top, Left, Bottom, and/or Right)


Ribcage Drop

Dungeon Cells

Treasury Defence

Defence Bridge


Wizard’s Study

Sovereign Inn

Script Configuration:
Grid Size: Size in cm for each tile size - all tiles must be the same size and square
Tiles Limit Mode: “flatAmount” or “userMultiplied” - flat amount spawns a set number of tiles, user multiplied lets you spawn more tiles for more users
Tiles Count: Number of tiles to spawn (including the starting tile)
Tile Script: The tile script used on the templates
Starting Tile: The first tile (this is spawned in the world beforehand)

Each side has a set of templates that can be used to randomly spawn more tiles, eg setting 1 tile to spawn only on the top side will spawn that tile on that side, adding more templates will result in random selection


Here is a video of Showcase World for this post.