Duplicating scripts bug

Hi, if i press on an entity and duplicate a script on it (in the right sidebar), it triggers a couple of bugs. The duplicate that is on the entity will be buggy until i delete and reattach that duplicated script again.

  1. If i edit that new version, the properties will not update anymore. So if i change the properties table on the script, the properties shown in the right sidebar won’t update to reflect that changes.
  2. If i delete the original script, the properties of the new duplicate on the right sidebar will all grey out and become uneditable.
  3. If the new duplicate is named the same as the original, events referencing that script will not work, even if they don’t show any error/red triangle.
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The bug isn’t fixed yet, but a workaround that EdC mentioned sometimes helps:
Change the world back and forth or restart the server.
However this sometimes just fixes it visually, but the properties still don’t work.

Edt.: A good workaround is to drag the script on another entity and drag it from that entity back to where it belongs. This will fix it entirely. Just keep in mind to delete the additional duplicates that were created in his process.