Duplicating template improper script folder template widget recreating itself

I can’t seem to reproduce this with other scripts or in other projects, unfortunately, but within Arx Simulacrum I have a player health widget that really wants to exist where it shouldn’t. This

Take this template, which initially came from my Priority AI package and has no widget by default. The priority health folder is a template.

Notice it has no player health widget

then duplicate it

and bam…

Now it has a healthbar widget?

The script folder template itself does have an enabled widget

and deleting the widget from the script folder template stops this from happening and I can get a healthbar free template

Like I said, I haven't been able to reproduce this in a blank project, and it doesn't seem to be happening in my copy of this project either. The solution to this particular problem is not hard to do, but you have to notice it's happening in the first place. However, I've never seen this behavior from anything else, and it seemed appropriate to report as a bug.

Hi @ephemerald,

You said in your last paragraph that it doesn’t happen in your copy of this project. Does that imply that there’s a specific copy of it that this is happening in? If so, can you supply info on who the game owner is and what it’s called?

Oops, I should’ve been clearer! In the original version of the game [Arx Simulacrum, owned by me, ephemerald] it seems to have this issue.

I made a copy [Arx Simulacrum Micronized, also owned by me] where the issue does not seem to happen.

Edit: I just double checked, and I no longer can replicate the issue… :dizzy_face:

Ah, then that mirrors my experience as I copied what looked like the original game and couldn’t reproduce the issue described :slight_smile: In that case, just update this thread in the future if you encounter it again, but for now it seems like the issue has resolved.