Eggstorm - 0.1 release

Team-based shooter on a small portal world.
Save the dragon eggs from the lava and bring them back to your team’s portal. Watch out for enemy players and stop them collecting eggs by taking them out with your orb rifle! For 2-10 players.

Work in progress, expect bugs! :slight_smile: Feedback would be appreciated.

Known bugs / missing content:

  • Balloon Bombers are not yet working perfectly - work in progress
  • Some animations and effects are still missing
  • Damage might not be perfectly balanced yet
  • Not all world objects built in yet
  • Incomplete tutorial

Eggstorm - Version 0.1.6

· Added tutorial screens
· Added results screen
· Added welcome shout message
· Added teleporters
· Added more Balloon Bombers
· Added new font due to feedback from players
· Added tower ruins as point of interest
· Added other floating islands around the game area
· Added Notifications when player brings egg back to portal
· Fixed damage on tree bramble traps
· Fixed a bug where the player could collect all eggs
· Adjusted interaction range on eggs
· Increased walk speed slightly
· Changed colors in UI elements
· Orb rifle recoil slightly reduced

Eggstorm - Version 0.1.7

  • Fixed a bug with eggs not respawning
  • Added more egg spawns
  • Added a second area that can be reached via portal
  • Removed Balloon Bombers due to uncontrolled orb behavior that caused bugs
  • Players will now be catapulted back if they are too far out of map
  • UI completely revised: new colors, animations and shapes
  • Trees, vines and tower ruin revised
  • The opponent’s gate can now be destroyed and after that, the round ends immediately

Play Me:

Eggstorm - Update 0.1.8

  • Fixed a bug where the player would keep the egg after the round ended
  • Fixed a bug where players could kick the eggs through the ground
  • Fixed a bug where the player gets stuck in the water in the second world
  • Added more vines all over the map
  • Added another tower as a new strategic point with stuff to collect
  • Added some new effects and sounds
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