Emissions (Cold Breathing and Toots)

Easily add bodily functions to your player by installing the Emissions package. Simply install and drag and drop either the “ColdBreathTemplate” or the “TootTemplate” directly onto your player. The cold breath monitors your running so it will speed up as you run and gradually slow down to resting as you stop and catch your breath. Toots are well, toots.

Toots have customizable properties such as “SilentButDeadly” which will muffle your toots for stealth missions. Toots also come with a default 5 second cooldown.
ColdBreathing has a quick “PlayerIsCold” or “PlayerIsNotCold” function that you can call for indoors or near fires etc


Hi, just checking something. Now that the Steam has the advanced system has it changed how this package works? It looks good when you’re stood still but when you run it seems to steam too fast?

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Hey Mark,

This should be using the new advanced steam but I will check it out today and see if the new updates affected it at all. I’ll post an update later today. Thanks for checking it out!

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I updated the package with some changes but also changed the breath to be a bit less obvious. It’s more subtle now.

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Thank you :+1: