Emojis created using shapes. Currently 32 Emojis available with plans to add more, and the possibility of animated ones.
Some Emojis have sounds set, these can be modified in the Player template under the Emojis folder.

Package includes a script that allows players to select emotes from a menu. Emojis will appear above the players head (or wherever the spawn locator is set).

To install

  1. Drag “PlayerEmojis” template to the Player template
  2. Drag “PlayerEmojisSpawn” to the player template
  3. (Optional) Configure PlayerEmojis script properties
  4. Preview - Default hotkey to display the widget is Extra1 (R key)
Preview Images

Here are a few example emojis that you can find in the package. As they are made using shapes, they can be scale bigger/smaller to fit their use!