Empty packages

Describe the bug:

After some time packages got empty. This happens periodically with various packages for no apparent reason.

Screenshots / video of bug:

Thanks for the report, could you provide anymore details on this issue i.e. names of the packages that have been affected and when, is there a common element to the missing packages, how often does this seem to occur?

I only remember one - the WorldClicker from picture above. Another package I have seen similar - was A real inventory package . Also once there was a problem with state switcher package from Adam, but the package was not completely empty, just was missing lots of stuff. Not sure if those are directly connected or not TBH. As far as WorldClicker goes, if I understood correctly, author sometimes cleanes the package to restructure parts of it into another packages to avoid duplicates, but then AFAIU, he packages it second time, but for some reason we later then see them empty.

Oh yeah, the real inventory and world clicker package both were emptied because the packager keeps duplicating scripts whenever i add any of those scripts onto another package. I could rant daily about it.

Hi! This is happening again. This time it is “Medieval_Village_LC”. Looks like this:

Note the lack of “Assets”. The package is basically empty

I have opened up and updated the ticket with all the information that has been provided. Thank you for letting us know that this package is also affected

Feel free to mention others that you may come across and I will update that ticket the further we go. :slight_smile:

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