Enemy AI and enemy models

Is there AI and enemies to add to map? I would like to program the ai myself but would appreciate to have enemy models with animation ready! I want to make PvE game, is this compatible with the assets right now?

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I’ll follow your post i’m interested in doing the same thing :S, would be great to have more melee weapon to :smiley:

Aside from the occasional robot we’re light on enemy characters with animations currently. This is a popular request on the feature voting board though, and it would probably be worth adding your votes to it.

i think Nomaki made a laser turret by combining two meshes, a base and head. he rotated the head to adjust for firing. the base could be moved by script also. it would break the mold for typical npcs seen in games but serve the same purpose. you shoot them, they shoot you.

yes this is great also!