Entangle - Treasure Hunt Jam

Package Information

Package Name: Entangle
Package Description: Entangle adventurers within a rotted tree or a mysterious alien creation.
Special thanks to: AdamO → Screen Fade, Move


  • Install the package ‘Entangle
  • Drag the ‘ScreenFade’ template onto the User template
  • Setup is complete! - Drag and drop the example Entangle Trap templates (or make your own entangles!) into the game and experiment with the different options

  • Optional:
    • Install the Crayta Health package and attach the Player Health template onto the Player template to use the ‘Kill’ option
    • Install the Crayta Auto-Respawn package and attach the Spawn template onto the User template to handle respawning after killing the player
    • Install the Crayta Notifications package and attach the User Notifications template onto the User template to use the ‘Shout’ option


DIY: Make Your Own Entangle



Entangle / entangleScript

  • Added ‘advancedOptions’ for advanced users to fine tune every aspect of the traps:
    • Events on spawn, entered, and reset
    • Screen fade duration
    • Teleport delay duration
    • Trap duration
    • Trap respawn duration
    • Using an effect and/or secondary effect


  • Solved the issue with ‘Slow’ working inconsistently