Entities that change its rotation itself

Hi, it seems like something causes some entities to rotate into random positions. It seems like this only affects entities (or children of them, idk) with a n*45 degree rotation. Changing the rotation by a tiny bit fixes it.

Description of the video: i rotate a couple of shelves into -135deg yaw. Everything is fine until I preview the game. It seems like all children of those shelves rearrange themselves into a new rotation.

Additional info:
The gold bars are all children of the shelve they are inside, but when the rotation breaks on preview, they don’t rotate relatively to their parents, they rotate around a single point.
Additionally the rotation doesn’t fix itself if i leave the preview. The bars stay as they were in game.
There is no script attached to those shelves or gold bars, there is also no script referencing those entities in any form.

Interesting, I’ll raise a ticket with the QA team to investigate. Thank you