Entity references becomes missing after breaking template link

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an empty game.
  2. Create a simple structure like this:
  3. Add the script lightControllerScript declared below to light1.
  4. Set the lightEntity property to light1.
  5. Set up trigger1 like this:
  6. Create a template of the whole referenceTest Locator called referenceTestTemplate.
  7. On the referenceTest Locator, click Break template link and click Break Link

Expected result

  • The link to the template is broken.
  • Entity references to light1 still exist on both trigger1 and light1/lightControllerScript.

Actual result




local LightControllerScript = {}

LightControllerScript.Properties = {
	{name = "lightEntity", type="entity", }

function LightControllerScript:Init()

function LightControllerScript:TurnOn()
	self.properties.lightEntity.visible = true

function LightControllerScript:TurnOff()
	self.properties.lightEntity.visible = false

return LightControllerScript

Thank you for the detailed bug report slushdeath.
I apologize for the delayed response.

Your issue has been noted and raised with the internal team.

I had that issue too when i unlinked my effect script (which has properties for all effect assets) and had to select then all one by one again. Thanks for the description slushdeath, will avoid that in future :sweat_smile: