Ephemeral Kinematic Experiments

A highly polished package put together in a few days after I promised myself not to try anything ambitious for this jam and then set out to make easy to use procedural animations.

look up Ephemeral Kinematic Experiments in the community tab.

Inside you’ll find a couple scripts, an “OrganizedKinematics” script that is an implementation of FABRIK inverse kinematics that works mostly. It powers the RobotArm template, who will follow around players nearby. You can theoretically expand with an infinite number of segments and it should work. The first segment in your list of segments will always stick to the originating entity (the one you put the script on), and the last one is the effector/pointer to the target.

You can manually assign a target, otherwise it’ll automatically track the first player.

You can also find this bud who has a leg sorta rigged up

and the start of a little spider with a little spider shoe that can almost simulate a walk animation

I’ve also included my much more failed attempt at cyclic inverse kinematics for your enjoyment, as well as an egg with a face on it.


If you’re interested in Inverse Kinematics for procedural animation, this package should be a great start to actually getting it working. The robot arm is pretty cool on its own, you can do a lot with that kind of stuff.


Very cute :slight_smile:

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