Equip and Stow Script Package


– README Equip and Stow Package

equip and stow items on player character


  • basic script to stow and equip item on hotbar
  • designed for basic use on crayta inventory

Install Player notes:

  • add Player Equip Character Template on Player
  • (rename Equip Characer (optional))

Install item notes:

  • requires: add inventoryItemSpecScript
    • add Friendly Name
    • add grip on inventoryItemSpecScript
    • add Icon Asset
  • add equipScript to item

Settings equipScript

  • Equip Button (default = interact)
  • Stow Button (default = sprint)
  • Equip Sound - PlaySound2D on client
  • Stow Sound - PlaySound2D on client
  • Equip Prompt ({interact-icon} Equip {name})
  • Stow Prompt ({interact-icon} Stow {name})
  • Stow Bone (socket used to attach || sword example: spine_05)
  • Stow Position (sword example: 20, -12, 20)
  • Stow Rotation (sword example: 115, 5, 0)

Settings equipCharacterScript (Optional)

  • Reduce character speed
    • on equip (default is 1 for no change)
    • based in percentages

GunScript Notes:

  • Line 122 under function GunScript:Fire(ignoreState)
  • add isEquipped check
if not ignoreState and not self:IsState("ready") and self:GetEntity():FindScriptProperty("isEquipped") then


2022-01-11 removed duplicate grip, changed script names, added sounds and prompts
2022-02-26 added optional speed and jump modifiers to player equip character template
2022-02-26 removed default templates and added those default settings to script